Artist Statement

I believe in magic.

I am a set designer and lighting designer. Both. Even when i am doing one or the other, both are in always in constant consideration.

I believe that theatre can create true magic. When all the design elements are perfectly in sync with the energy of performer on stage, everyone telling the story together.

Theatre is all about people. by people, for people. It must be experienced, in person, together in close proximity. Breathing, laughing, crying, feeling, having a shared experience with the other audience members all around us as well as with the actors.

I don’t believe that I have developed a style, if every play and director are different, why should every show look the same? I am there to fulfil the directors vision. while bringing the full extent of my experience, ability and energy to bear.

If I do have a style, it is a style of working. I keep things light and energetic, fun. creative and collaborative. Work can and should be joyful. Playful but also efficient and determined.

I look at every element from the perspective of the audience. Not just from the good and bad seats, but from where they first enter the house, it is when they first encounter the world of the play, it is the first impression of the world we are creating. their experience is everything.
Who are they? put yourself in their shoes. what are they hoping for? I have done a show with no actors, I do not believe you can do one without an audience.

I strive to do the best work I can, every day, on every show. i honestly feel like I am doing the best work I have ever done, and that I am just getting started!